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History of Bonnevue Manor

Completed in 1891, the house has stood the test of time, like other Toronto buildings designed by William Clark. He contributed so much to the city's valuable architectural heritage, you can see his beautiful work around the city.

2menWith over 5000 square feet of living space on three floors, and with 14 rooms the house epitomizes the grandeur so coveted by the successful Torontonians of the late eighteen hundreds. From its slate roof and solid exterior brickwork and columned portico, to the large interior rooms with high, decoratively plastered ceilings and hardwood floors, the house featured the best of its day.

In 1984, restoration work began on the house, dedicated to maintaining everything possible of the building's glory, true to the spirit of the original craftsmen. Tradition and quality were the hallmarks of the designed restorations in which the emphasis was on retaining the authenticity of 33 Beaty as a charming home of a bygone age. Where today's standards of comfort and safety required the installation of new services, every effort was made to ensure a successful melding of the new and the old.

Today, 33 Beaty lives again as a graceful manor house, opening its large front doors to beckon others to make it their home. And over those doors, the name given this house by its first proud owners still holds out its promise in the stained glass.

This is Bonnevue.

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Tel: (416) 536-1455
Fax: (416) 533-2644
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